The 5 Powers

The 5 Driving Powers in the World


In the short amount of time that I have been on this Earth, I have realized many things; one of the main ones being that there 5 powers in existence. The first is money, which is interlinked the most with power. Money is the driving factor of the world, and without it, your existence does not matter to the masses. The second is status. If you are a nobody, then your money is not going to bring you as much power as it will to someone who does. The third is fear. Often, when you illicit fear in the hearts of others, they are much more likely to do as you say. The fourth power is love because love can make you do things that you would never do. And the fifth? Words. Words can create and words can destroy. As for me? I don’t have money. I don’t have status. I don’t illicit fear. However, I have the two most important of the powers. Love, and words. I may be a nobody, but if you decide to stay with me on my journey, I will offer you my insight on the world, its happenings, and its people. Welcome to my world.